Sunday, March 09, 2003

OK, The more this Iraq crap goes on, the more I get pissed. Not only is Georgie Porgie guilty of trying to wage war, he is guilty of forgetting about his country. ...remember some of us still live here! All the economic indicators are going in the wrong direction: unemployment is up, consumer price index (inflation) is on the rise, stocks are still in a downward trend, civilian and private industry wages and salaries are growing at the slowest pace since 1995 (or 1999 if seasonally adjusted), oil prices are still rising, conumer confidence is still in a downward trend since 2000, need I say more? What worries me more, is that the Democrats haven't been lambasting Georgie Porgie for this. They keep following his Iraq story instead of taking the lead on national economics. I'm thinking about going Libertarian in the next election, just to see something, anything else. The Green Party is another option, but they didn't take the elcetion seriously last time (look at VP candidate) and I think they'd just fall apart without Ralph Nader.

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