Tuesday, July 27, 2004

So, the republicans continue to bash John Kerry. Now they are making fun of a picture of him in a clean suit at NASA. Wow, wearing a clean suit obviously is a sign of presidential weakness. Come on is that the best you got? People wear clean suits everyday for their jobs, I'm one of them. These republicans are so far out of touch with the common person its unbelievable. Of course they wouldn't know about jobs requiring clean suits because they are happy to send them all overseas and leave Americans stranded with no jobs. But I digress. If re-posting pix of John Kerry in a clean suit is all they got then this should be an easy race. Its obvious that republicans are getting scared. They know their guy has got nothing, nothing in his record to stand on. Bush Jr. has screwed up everything he's touched, crime is up, jobs are down, the country is less secure than it used to be, he's underfunded No Child Left Behind (which is, in the way Bush enacted it, a sham anyway), he poses as a Texas ranch everyman while buying $3000 custom made bicycles (and then crashing them... probably drunk). Anyway, I could go on. Bush and his cronies are running a sad and pathetic little campaign and the DEMOCRATS WILL PREVAIL!!!! VOTE JOHN KERRY 2004!!!!

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