Sunday, July 18, 2004

This is a call to all Portlanders to get out a support the Timbers, our A-League soccer team. There are rumors of MLS interest in Portland!!! How exciting would it be to have top level soccer in PDX??!!!?! I know there are rumors of Major League Baseball in PDX, but I'm not optimistic about that. One major difference is that a major soccer team would not require a $400M brand spanking new stadium. So get out to the Timbers next game July 24th versus hated rivals the Seattle Sounders. In the meantime here's some links for the Timbers... and as always feel free to stop by Sec 107 to sit with the lunies of the Timbers Army, America's fiercest soccer fans!!!
Portland Timbers Official Site
Soccer City USA - have a chat on the Timbers message board, game recaps and great pix
Timberlog - Timber fan's blog
Timbers Army
Timbers Army - Drumman's site
Timbers Army Newsletter
Timbers Fan Page

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