Wednesday, August 18, 2004

A far religious right neo-con gets a slap on the wrist....

From The Sydney Morning Herald
"A United States army general violated Pentagon rules with speeches in which he described the war on terror as a Christian battle against Satan, and he should be punished, according to an inspector-general's report revealed today." full story
and on a lighter note....

This Thursday... Puerto Rico Islanders vs. Portland Timbers A-League soccer! 7pm at PGE Park in beautiful downtown Portland.
Another person chimes in against the Iraq war and Bush Jr's failed foreign policy... this time a Republican.

A top Republican congressman has broken from his party in the final days of his House career, saying he believes the U.S. military assault on Iraq was unjustified and the situation there has deteriorated into "a dangerous, costly mess." full story on

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

In an effort to further expose bush jr.'s incompetence and hypocrisy here's a few more stories....

From the NYTimes.... Seems that charter schools are a big part of the failed leave no child behind initiative.... also seems that charter schools aren't doing as well as the public schools they were supposed to replace. Also, isn't it interesting that the republicans are will to make excuses and wait for results from charter schools but have no interest in giving public schools any leeway. Nation's Charter Schools Lagging Behind, U.S. Test Score Reveal

Next, from USAToday.... Looks like UST agrees with Johns Kerry & Edwards' assesment that the country is further being split in two by bush jr's devisive tax cuts. Income Gap Expands

Congratulations go out to President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela for winning his referendum. Seems folks in the White House weren't too happy until they remember that Venezuela sends the US 15% of our oil. Some folks in Texas may be making money off that. hmmm, I wonder who. Also, this from AFP via Hindustan Times... even though bush jr doesn't like Chavez, a stable Venezuela means lower oil prices which generally will help the shrub in the elections. Chavez Win Annoys Washington

Monday, August 16, 2004

Wow a third post today! I got more. This time from my old homie, senator Tom Harkin from Iowa is giving it to Cheney... shweet....

"He said President Bush and Cheney are "running scared because John Kerry has a war record and they don't." He said of Cheney, "What he is doing and what he is saying is cowardly. The actions are cowardly... When I hear this coming from Dick Cheney, who was a coward, who would not serve during the Vietnam War, it makes my blood boil," said Harkin. "He'll be tough, but he'll be tough with someone else's kid's blood."" from Yahoo! News

You tell 'em Tom!!! I can't believe these people (Bush jr. and Cheney) would question the loyalty or toughness of John Kerry who served in the Vietnam War. They were too chicken to go and instead spent alot of time and energy dodging the war. They ARE nothing but cowards and hypocrites!!!
Up yours Ashcroft!!! .....
"A federal appeals court is refusing to reconsider its decision to uphold Oregon's assisted-suicide law, rejecting a request from the Bush administration to set aside the only law of its kind in the nation."
full story at KGW

What was most troubling about this, is that one of the major platforms of the republican party is that they want to reduce the power of the federal government and return rights to the states. Apparently this admin only agrees with his party if he agrees with the state law in question. What a hypocrite!
Ok, Here's some scary news from the New York Times about the further 1984-izing of America. Please do not speak unless spoken to!
"The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been questioning political demonstrators across the country, and in rare cases even subpoenaing them, in an aggressive effort to forestall what officials say could be violent and disruptive protests at the Republican National Convention in New York." --- What this is saying is forget about being innocent until proven guilty, you are now GUILTY BEFORE YOU COMIT A CRIME.... very scary stuff!

"...any First Amendment impact posed by the F.B.I.'s monitoring of the political protests was negligible and constitutional." --- Oh, ok, so now they admit to interrupting people's free speech rights and seeing as how they are judges of the Supreme Court of the US with a case in front of them, can determine what is constitutional and what is not.... yikes.
NYT link to full article

Our civil liberties are being trampled on. This is directly a result of the Bush jr. administration and their facist document the USA Patriot act. Bush jr. needs to be voted out. We need to vote out republicans from the Senate and House and Democrats, Libertarians and Green Party folks need to start restoring freedom to the United States!

Friday, August 13, 2004

So far a most triumphant weekend....
Thurs.... Timbers beat Calgary 2-1 to qualify for the A-League playoffs. Game winning goal came from Fadi Afash in the 89th minute.

Fri..... John Kerry rally in downtown Portland brings 30,000-50,000 people to sweat with the next President of the United States

Fri night.... 2004 Olympic games opening ceremony features a pretty groovy 90 minute set from DJ Tiesto!!!!

sweet, sweet and sweet

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

OK two more things today....
For good music and good politics go out and buy Rock Against Bush Vol. 2 from the good folks at PunkVoter and Fat Wreck Chords

here's an interesting page... Cost Of War. This site also has many good links to good info... Let's educate ourselves and fight the right-wing conservatives who are mis-representing our country.
Listen up Portland people.....
Thursday August 12th... Portland Timbers Vs. Calgary Mustangs A-League soccer at PGE park 7pm. Come join the fun... hang out with the nutters of the Timbers Army in section 107 behind the north goal post. Join up before and after the game for drinks at the Bullpen (across 18th Ave from PGE).

Friday August 13th.... John Kerry at Portland's Waterfront Park 10am, in the bowl just south of the Hawthorne Bridge. Guests include Theresa Heinz-Kerry, Jon Bon Jovi & Leonardo DiCaprio. For more info... Dems of Oregon. This rally is open to the public, come one come all!!! No tix necessary, just bring a friend and your enthusiasm.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Howdy, I'm back!!!
The Portland Timbers beat the Minnesota Thunder 3-0 last night, way to go boys. Looks like John Kerry will be in the grand state of Oregon next week. He'll be in Medford on the 12th of August and Portland on Friday the 13th. What will make Friday the 13th scary though is that Bush Jr. may be here also.

This just in... seems the number of smog action days may be on the rise for eastern cities in the future. Maybe the Repugnant party will start paying attention to our destruction of the environment once it starts affecting their voters where they live. Lets hope we all wise up before its to late for us or future generations!