Tuesday, August 17, 2004

In an effort to further expose bush jr.'s incompetence and hypocrisy here's a few more stories....

From the NYTimes.... Seems that charter schools are a big part of the failed leave no child behind initiative.... also seems that charter schools aren't doing as well as the public schools they were supposed to replace. Also, isn't it interesting that the republicans are will to make excuses and wait for results from charter schools but have no interest in giving public schools any leeway. Nation's Charter Schools Lagging Behind, U.S. Test Score Reveal

Next, from USAToday.... Looks like UST agrees with Johns Kerry & Edwards' assesment that the country is further being split in two by bush jr's devisive tax cuts. Income Gap Expands

Congratulations go out to President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela for winning his referendum. Seems folks in the White House weren't too happy until they remember that Venezuela sends the US 15% of our oil. Some folks in Texas may be making money off that. hmmm, I wonder who. Also, this from AFP via Hindustan Times... even though bush jr doesn't like Chavez, a stable Venezuela means lower oil prices which generally will help the shrub in the elections. Chavez Win Annoys Washington

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