Monday, August 16, 2004

Ok, Here's some scary news from the New York Times about the further 1984-izing of America. Please do not speak unless spoken to!
"The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been questioning political demonstrators across the country, and in rare cases even subpoenaing them, in an aggressive effort to forestall what officials say could be violent and disruptive protests at the Republican National Convention in New York." --- What this is saying is forget about being innocent until proven guilty, you are now GUILTY BEFORE YOU COMIT A CRIME.... very scary stuff!

"...any First Amendment impact posed by the F.B.I.'s monitoring of the political protests was negligible and constitutional." --- Oh, ok, so now they admit to interrupting people's free speech rights and seeing as how they are judges of the Supreme Court of the US with a case in front of them, can determine what is constitutional and what is not.... yikes.
NYT link to full article

Our civil liberties are being trampled on. This is directly a result of the Bush jr. administration and their facist document the USA Patriot act. Bush jr. needs to be voted out. We need to vote out republicans from the Senate and House and Democrats, Libertarians and Green Party folks need to start restoring freedom to the United States!

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