Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Check out the Dan Savage post-election blues column in the Portland Mercury. Damn right, Better Dead than Red. You sing it sister! The Democrats better start brining it to the city. We've been to nice to the backwards country bumpkins for too long. They just don't get/see/understand how Jr and the republicans have been screwing them over for so long. Hey if the environment goes down the crapper and all your crops die, don't come crying to us, bitches, we warned you, but noooo, you kept voting for the republicans who ease environmental controls. Losers! We've been too kind and open and accepting of various lifstyles and cultures and all you people understand are others who are exactly like you. In the city there are people from all over the world, all economics brackets, they work many different jobs and have many different lifestyles. Not everybody in America is a Christian farmworker!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

On a non-political angle, here's a tragic story about drinking deaths at American universities from CNN.com. (full story)
"(AP) -- It's a sad but recurring campus story: This autumn, students are again drinking themselves to death. Colorado State student Samantha Spady had consumed as many as 40 drinks when she was found dead at a fraternity house in September. Lynn Gordon Bailey Jr., Gordie to his friends, had been taken to the mountains near the University of Colorado with fellow Chi Psi fraternity pledges and told not to leave until several bottles of whiskey were finished."

Look, this is a great argument for LOWERING the drinking age. The legal age in the US has been 21 for as long as I remember and people are still having problems. An alcoholic will become and alcoholic no matter the drinking age. There's is nothing we can do for them, besides offer services to help them get off booze once they have decided they don't want it anymore. Only the alcoholic can heal themselves, you can't force them to quit, it doesn't work.

So, what I'm proposing is aimed at the non-alcoholic binge drinkers. If we were to lower the drinking age to, say 16, kids could learn to drink will under the custody and influence of their parents. drinking alcohol wouldn't be this big rebellious and taboo activity. Having one glass of wine or beer with dinner would be as normal as finishing a meal with dessert. Of course we'd have to have faith that parents can teach their children about responsible drinking. Its obvious that the current system of having strangers just tell (versus parents teaching) kids to not drink or to drink responsibly is not working.
Idiots!!! These people have no vision. We are all going to hell. Not that we haven't already trashed our Earth, but they still feel the need to go into untouched areas. That's right oil drilling in the Alaska Artic National Wildlife Refuge is back. From CNN.com....
"WASHINGTON (AP) -- Republican gains in the Senate could give President Bush his best chance yet to achieve his No. 1 energy priority -- opening an oil-rich but environmentally sensitive Alaska wildlife refuge to drilling."

Once you trash an area like this, there is no going back. No 20/20 hindsight.... its gone. You better be absolutely goddamned sure that we need to do this and that there is no alternative. But hey guess what? We do have alternatives.... hydrogen powered fuel cells. We have the technology we just need a big push to make them smaller and cheaper. For a country that is supposed to be so technologically advanced, we certainly have a bizarre attachment to old technology. People, oil is a thing of the past, you see. We don't need it anymore.
ohhh, here's some more republican wisdom....

"With oil trading at nearly $50 a barrel, the case for ANWR is more compelling than ever," said Domenici. "We have the technology to develop oil without harming the environment and wildlife."
Yeah, whatever, you absolutely will harm the wildlife. All the trucks, workers, pollution, pipelines. If you've ever seen an oil drilling area, you know its not a pretty sight.
Republicans are arrogant bastards, they have no vision of the future, they can't accept alternatives and generally are stupid.

The whole republican campaign was geared toward the animal instinct of fear. They were selling fear, an emotion, and not a good one at that. They continuously steared the campaign away from real issues and towards fear of gays, fear of Muslims, fear of energy droughts. No wonder they are under-funding No Child Left Behind and other educational programs. If the American public was any smarter it would see through their thinly-veiled lies and see that THEY GOT NOTHING! That's right republicans have no substance, no character, no wisdom, no leaders.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ahhh, One last parting shot from John Asscroft. He could use some serious help from my previous post. HEY JOHNNY BOY, TRY READING THE CONSTITUTION!!!! Anyway, he's going after states rights again. Remember, the good ol'Republican party, they believe in reducing the role of the federal government and send more power to the states, UNLESS THEY DISAGREE WITH YOU!!! The hypocrites strike back, what a bunch of loosers! Once again going after Oregon's Assisted Suicide Law. A law that the good people of Oregon decided was right for them and passed. Here from KGW...
"The Bush administration asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday to block an Oregon law allowing doctors to help terminally ill patients die more quickly. It is the only law of its kind in the nation." <>04:04 PM PST on Tuesday, November 9, 2004 By kgw.com and AP Staff
1st on the lighter side of life.....
Autolux!!!! new album Future Perfect... it rocks!!! Think Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, new Fugazi and later day Beatles. Very sweet, Very Good. Erg Mooi!

This in from the NYTimes... Bush is unConstitutional!!!
Nov. 8 - A federal judge ruled Monday that President Bush had both overstepped his constitutional bounds and improperly brushed aside the Geneva Conventions in establishing military commissions to try detainees at the United States naval base here as war criminals.
Imagine that!!!??!?!?

Just in case you need a refresher here is the Constitution of the United States of America. This is actually some pretty good stuff. The cats who started this country were on to something. Its amazing how well this things holds up over 200 years later. We really should pay more attention to our Constitution! Read it a couple of times, print it out, staple it to your wall, keep a copy in your car. It might come in handy!!!

Here are some more goodies that are handy to know about.....

Monday, November 08, 2004

Found this letter to the editor in the November 4th Daily Iowan.... it's a nice one!

Bush supporters: Offer your service

To all those healthy 18- to 24-year-olds who voted for President Bush,
presumably you support both his domestic and foreign policies. So as the war
in Iraq worsens, and as your tuition goes up, why not demonstrate your
patriotic consciences and sign up for military service now? Your country
needs you!

Although I voted for John Kerry, it is unlikely that I will be hurt by
anything done by Bush or the new Republican Congress. I'm too old to be
drafted, I've already got my Ph.D., and I could get a high-paying job in
biotech or pharmacy in a heartbeat. Good luck, kids.

Mary Herndon
UI postdoctoral fellow

Ok, Its been a while since I published. I must have seen it coming. Anyway, we have at least 4 more year of fighting fascism instead of concentrating on actually moving forward. Here's a little snippet from Maureen Dowd's NYT column.....

"W.'s presidency rushes backward, stifling possibilities, stirring intolerance, confusing church with state, blowing off the world, replacing science with religion, and facts with faith. We're entering another dark age, more creationist than cutting edge, more premodern than postmodern. Instead of leading America to an exciting new reality, the Bushies cocoon in a scary, paranoid, regressive reality. Their new health care plan will probably be a return to leeches." Rove's Revenge By MAUREEN DOWD Published: November 7, 2004