Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Idiots!!! These people have no vision. We are all going to hell. Not that we haven't already trashed our Earth, but they still feel the need to go into untouched areas. That's right oil drilling in the Alaska Artic National Wildlife Refuge is back. From
"WASHINGTON (AP) -- Republican gains in the Senate could give President Bush his best chance yet to achieve his No. 1 energy priority -- opening an oil-rich but environmentally sensitive Alaska wildlife refuge to drilling."

Once you trash an area like this, there is no going back. No 20/20 hindsight.... its gone. You better be absolutely goddamned sure that we need to do this and that there is no alternative. But hey guess what? We do have alternatives.... hydrogen powered fuel cells. We have the technology we just need a big push to make them smaller and cheaper. For a country that is supposed to be so technologically advanced, we certainly have a bizarre attachment to old technology. People, oil is a thing of the past, you see. We don't need it anymore.
ohhh, here's some more republican wisdom....

"With oil trading at nearly $50 a barrel, the case for ANWR is more compelling than ever," said Domenici. "We have the technology to develop oil without harming the environment and wildlife."
Yeah, whatever, you absolutely will harm the wildlife. All the trucks, workers, pollution, pipelines. If you've ever seen an oil drilling area, you know its not a pretty sight.
Republicans are arrogant bastards, they have no vision of the future, they can't accept alternatives and generally are stupid.

The whole republican campaign was geared toward the animal instinct of fear. They were selling fear, an emotion, and not a good one at that. They continuously steared the campaign away from real issues and towards fear of gays, fear of Muslims, fear of energy droughts. No wonder they are under-funding No Child Left Behind and other educational programs. If the American public was any smarter it would see through their thinly-veiled lies and see that THEY GOT NOTHING! That's right republicans have no substance, no character, no wisdom, no leaders.

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