Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Holy carp, The Poppies are back and are playing 5 gigs in England.... wwwoooooaaarrrgghhhh. First shows in 9 years. If you aren't familiar with Pop Will Eat Itself, think Buzzcocks meet the Beastie Boys meet 808 State. They were one of the first to blend rock/techno/rap. I first came to know them on their classic album This Is The Hour, This Is The Day, This Is This! But didn't get to see them until the Dos Dedos Mis Amigos tour at the Metro in Chicago in like 1993, then they dissapeared up their own asses, Clint doing soundtrack work, the other dude in Bently Rhythm Ace and the rest doing bugger all. Anyway, if you're into Kasabian and wanna know about their influences check out PWEI!!!!

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