Thursday, March 17, 2005

I'm so tired of music critics and supposed alt-indie-better-than-thou-hipster-rock-fans spewing off about how some new band or album sounds like their favorite band, and how they discovered the most original band first when they were only 12 and everything since is just a rip-off of that. Well, to all those folks, blow it out your ass. I don't care if something sounds vaguely like something else. Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin were just ripping off American Blues which was ripping of traditional African music so this is all a moot point, I just covered the history of pop/rock/rap/R&B/techno/soul/metal/punk in one sentence. Which brings me to Kasabian. I'm tired of people saying they sound like The Stone Roses and Primal Scream and then dismissing their album. Yes, if you look down a couple posts I do the same thing... or do I. Go ahead read it, I can wait a couple minutes.... no really go ahead, its short.... you done yet? ok, So you'll notice I DID NOT do the same thing. I used a little something I borrowed from CMJ: RIYL, that's right Recommended If You Like! Its a quick and easy starting place, lets you know if you like those bands you'll probably like Kasabian and vice versa. I tried to explain their sound before I even got to the RIYL, but used it as a nice little summation. So, does Kasabian's album have some resemblance to those other bands? Yes. But also, does Kasabian's album rock? Yes! Is it good? Yes! Should you buy it? Yes! If you'd rather worry about what your hipster friend thinks, then piss off, if you want a great album, whith great tunes, a swagger, some funk, a little darkness, some in-your-face groove, then go buy Kasabian!

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