Monday, March 14, 2005

On four.... FOUR! The thumping 4 on the floor rhythm kicks in. Burried layers of guitars and fuzzed synths hide behind Guy's smokey half speed vocals, and thus Fallen Angels by Elbow sucks you in to it's droning haze. You may not even realize for a few listens that there are extremely few chord changes in this song, but when they hit... its oh so rewarding... who's ever heard of a one chord chorus, then bam you get sucked in just as the chorus fades. Mid-way through after one such chord change, a slapped guitar 'solo', more like tasty specially chosen notes, signals an instrumental break with more layers of ooohs and aaahs. I gotta say I really dig this song. It is repetitive but never boring, straight forward but has many hidden angles. There are so many layers of sound in this song, you could listen to it 10 times in a row and find something new each time. Then at the end, you keep thinking you're gonna your reward and they drag you out, no chord change, you get nothing and you'll like, like a big tease, so you hit rewind and start all over and over and over!

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