Monday, August 18, 2008

Some Are Good, Some Are Terrible

Saw 3 movies this past insanely hot weekend, trying to stay cool is an entertaining job, mostly. 1st up on Thurs was Tropic Thunder, it was hilarious and ridiculous and a great movie. Over the top in the best of possible manners. Robert Downey Jr was excellent. I guess some folks are getting their shorts in a knot over his character, forget about it, its a movie, shut up and be entertained, it was an awesome performance. Apparently, it wasn't fair to the other flicks to watch Tropic first as it set the bar too high.

Next up was Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull (finally), ummm, well, it was entertaining, but not close to the first one which is a silver screen classic. I guess over all I'd have to say I was disappointed. Wasn't really into the plot, I mean aliens in an Indiana Jones movie, Jones steps out of a nuked refrigerator without a scratch? Just pushed it a little too much, a little too goofy.

Last up was a doozy, damn thing nearly erased my brain is was so bad, what, oh yeah, Step Brothers, ughhh. Instead of choosing the funniest thing they could do for each bit they chose the dumbist thing. At some points during the movie, I actually felt embarrased for the actors, it was that bad, not to say that I didn't ever laugh, I did, but the few laughs hardly redeemed the rest of the flick.