Monday, January 26, 2009

Iowa Fight Song - Skin Kandy

Apparently I'm a little slow on this as it came out in 2007. That's what happens when you live 2000 miles away. A little band from Cedar Rapids called Skin Kandy did this! VERY SWEET!!!

Skin Candy- Iowa Fight Song - Skin Candy (intro by Hawkeye Marching Band)

Porter Playoffs round 4

Kona Pipeline vs MacTarnahan's Black Watch
Both of these entries have what I call a sharp flavor, or maybe in the case of the Black Watch a sharp feel. The Kona's sharpness comes from, I think, their addition of actual coffe, which is not necessary as roasted barley will do the job just fine. The MacTarnahan's problem is its over carbonation and thin feel. Also, while I haven't had a Bud or Miller for quite some time, there was something in the taste of the Black Watch that reminded me of that sort of beer. Oh, well. The Deshutes Black Butte and Butte Creek remain 1 and 2, but not sure of the order. I will have to have showdown this weekend, back to Belmont Station to pick up more! Here's a guess at an order for the rest:
3: Otter Creek Stovepipe
4: Kona Pipeline
5: Rogue Mocha
6: MacTarnahan's Black Watch
7: Dick's Lava Rock
8: Anchor

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Porter Playoffs round 3

Rogue Mocha vs Deshutes Black Butte
The Rogue Mocha is a good example of the porter style in every way but one.  As some Oregon breweries are wont to do, and as Oregon is home to many of the States' hops farms, Rogue over hops their Mocha Porter.  The grapefruit flavour of what I'm guessing is cascade hops does not jive well with the coffe flavour of the roasted malt.  The Deschutes on the other hand is a nearly perfectly balanced porter.  Lots of chocolate maltiness, not too sweet, not too much molasses aroma, nice big head, very nice.  I'd have to say at this point its a tie between the Black Butte and the Butte Creek.  All the best porters have the word Butte in them.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Porter Playoffs round 2

Dick's Lava Rock vs Otter Creek Stovepipe
The Dick's entry in this showdown is quite similar to the Anchor beer, although not as big.  It is a little sweet for my tastes.  The Otter Creek, is moving towards the beatuy that is Butte Creek, a little dryer but still has a big coffee taste and molasses nose.  So far the Butte Creek is still in first followed by Otter Creek, maybe I'm just a sucker for beers with the word creek in them.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Porter Playoffs round 1

Butte Creek vs Anchor
Although the Butte Creek feels just a little light in mouth it was the winner of the first round.   The Anchor porter came off a little syruppy with a molasses flavor, it was a little strong and over malted for me.  The Butte Creek has a wonderful typical porter flavor and is easy drinkin!