Monday, January 26, 2009

Porter Playoffs round 4

Kona Pipeline vs MacTarnahan's Black Watch
Both of these entries have what I call a sharp flavor, or maybe in the case of the Black Watch a sharp feel. The Kona's sharpness comes from, I think, their addition of actual coffe, which is not necessary as roasted barley will do the job just fine. The MacTarnahan's problem is its over carbonation and thin feel. Also, while I haven't had a Bud or Miller for quite some time, there was something in the taste of the Black Watch that reminded me of that sort of beer. Oh, well. The Deshutes Black Butte and Butte Creek remain 1 and 2, but not sure of the order. I will have to have showdown this weekend, back to Belmont Station to pick up more! Here's a guess at an order for the rest:
3: Otter Creek Stovepipe
4: Kona Pipeline
5: Rogue Mocha
6: MacTarnahan's Black Watch
7: Dick's Lava Rock
8: Anchor

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