Saturday, December 05, 2009

First Down MONTANA!

Today I got up and went out to rake and sweep up the leaves while they were still dry. The city leaf collection folks have already come twice so the rest of the leaves from the junk trees had to go into the bins. Unfortunately there are still more leaves left, boooo. After the leaves, I went up to check the intertubes, however the older laptop wasn't seeing the new modem. The new netbook was fine. So, I putzed around, searching for tips on the web and shutting down and restarting computers. Apparently, the fourth or fifth time was a charm. I got both computers working just in time to catch the beginning of the Montana quarter-finals game against Stephen F Austin. The Griz went on to win 51-0, excellent. Also, tried out the speed test with the laptop hardwired to the router, got 30 Mbs!!! Never got higher than 6 with the old ancient modem. After the game we went for two trips up Mt Tabor. It was cool but sunny and a nice ride. On the way home we went to New Seasons to get food for the week. We decided to try a Dungeness crab for the first time. I just read how the season just started, Dec 1st, and the first 8 weeks are the most prolific. We had three stinky cheeses with some rye bread, then had the crab with butter, yummy. They are quite a bit bigger than Maryland Blue Crabs and probably equally tasty. We finished dinner roasting chorizo sausages over the fire in the backyard, more flavor! What a delicious dinner. Now, off to work for three days.

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