Friday, December 03, 2010

Inception Stuff

Wired interviews Christopher Nolan about Inception

Inception Theory

Inception and Catharsis

Six Interpretations and Five Holes

Wedding Ring Theory

Nolan's Dream Layers

Inception Ending Blog

Possible track order for Inception soundtrack from some dude on the Hans Zimmer message board...
1. Half Remembered Dream
2. Projections
3. One Simple Idea
4. Radical Notion
5. Mombasa (first half)
6. One Simple Idea [again]
7. Paradox [first 3/4s]
8. Mombasa [last half]
8. Dream Within A Dream
9. Don’t Think About Elephants
10. 528491
11. Waiting For A Train
12. 528491 [again]
13. Paradox [last quarter]
14. Time
15. Dream Is Collapsing

Although I gotta say, I like finishing with Elephant > 528491 > Time

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